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Tuesday, 15 June 2010

Study Architecture Online

There are several obstacles in becoming an architect through online or distance learning. First of all, it would be difficult to run a distance learning course for architecture, because of the importance of teaching design live in a studio environment. In addition, beyond the degree - even if you find some institutions (listed below) that would admit you, working as an architect requires, in most countries, to be a registered architect and the boards, in many cases, would be wary of a distance learning degree.

There are some accredited, reliable, bachelor degrees, which are in close fields. Thomas Edison State College offers a BSc in Architectural Design and we have a full list of schools offering online or distance learning degrees in Interior Design. However, both of these routes - while they might bring you closer to being an architect, will not be a direct path: the direct path in the United States is a degree accredited by the NAAB. Currently, the NAAB does not accredit any distance learning program of architecture. You may, however, collect credits, both from these degrees and from the Texas Tech University, a BS in architecture that is in mixed mode (some courses can be taken online), might shorten your way to an architecture degree once you can commit yourself to studies. A simialr course that can help you collect credits for the degree is Westwood University's Associate degree in Computer-Aided Design/Architectural Drafting. It might also lead you to a job (as a drafter) in an office, where you will find people supporting you with practical experience and even leading you to school.


There are, however, advanced degrees in architecture, that are available online from many reputable institutions. These are intended at people who already have an architecture degree (and are usually already architects) but would like to deepen their understanding or research of a certain aspect of architecture:
MSc Architecture: Advanced Environmental and Energy Studies from UEL

MSc in International Construction Management from University of Bath

The Boston Architectural College offers the first distance M.Arch. The "degree program is designed specifically for individuals who have an educational background in architecture and have worked in the profession."

In addition to all of that, if you want to get a taste of university-level architecture courses, you can take online courses for free from few of the best universities. More details here: Free Architecture Courses, Download free architecture courses from top universities by Jackie Craven 

Saturday, 9 May 2009

Civil Engineering Through Distance Learning

Brick & Mortar ("real") universities offering also distance learning degree in civil engineering:

Auburn University offers a Master of Civil Engineering. Currently, only the program in Environmental Engineering is available through distance learning.

Colorado State University offers M.E in Civil Engineering

Columbia University offers two master's degrees:
M.S. in Civil Engineering- General and
M.S. in Civil Engineering- Construction Engineering and Management

Kansas State University also offers a masters degree in Civil Engineering

North Caroline State offers Engineering Online: Graduate Courses and Degree Programs

Southern Methodist University offers masters in several subfields of civil engineering

The University of Aberdeen (Scotland, UK) offers courses Project Management (Distance Learning) - MSc/PgDip/PgCert

The University of Bolton (England UK) offers the following post-graduate courses:
MPhil Built Environment specialisms (Full Time, Part Time, Distance Learning)
PhD (via MPhil) Built Environment specialisms (Full Time, Part Time, Distance Learning)
PhD Built Environment specialisms (Full Time, Part Time, Distance Learning)

The University of Florida offers masters in Water Resources Planning and Management

The University of Louisville offers Master of Science in Civil Engineering – Specialization in Transportation Engineering

The University of Ohio offers a programme in Civil Engineering, M.Engr.

The University of Washington offers Master's in Construction Engineering


For lower degrees in diplomas, Premier School of Building (UK, recognised), offers individual courses, as well as
Diploma in Architectural Development
Diploma in Building Surveying
Diploma in Civil Engineering Surveying
Diploma In Quantity Surveying
Diploma in Quantity Surveying (M & E)
Diploma in Site Management
Diploma in Property Surveying

Tuesday, 5 May 2009

Learning Biology Online

The following universities and colleges offer (accredited) degrees in biology.

The Open University offers both undergraduate and graduate degrees in Biology .

Its Canadian counterpart, Athabasca University, is also offering an unidergraduate degree in Biology.

Thomas Edison State University, a US public university specilising in distance learning degrees only, offers two degree programmes in biology,
Associate in Science in Natural Sciences and Mathematics and
• a Bachelor of Arts

Another institution offering an associate degree (AS) in Biology through correspondence is the Community College of Denver

The University of Mississippi offers Master of Science in General Biology - Teachers in Biology degree

The University of Nebraska at Kearney offers Biology - graduate programme

The University of Leeds offers several post-graduate degrees in Bioinformatics (Online Modular Programme) MSc/PGDip/PGCert

Staffordshire University offers a variety of post-graduate degrees in Molecular Biology

The University of Ulster offers

Applied Biosciences [BSc Hons]
Biomedical Science [MSc]
Biomedical Science [Graduate Certificate]
Biomedical Science (Cellular Pathology) [MSc]
Biomedical Science (Clinical Chemistry) [MSc]
Biomedical Science (Haematology and Transfusion Science) [MSc]
Biomedical Science (Medical Microbiology) [MSc]

Monday, 1 September 2008

Physics Courses

The Open University (UK) offers an undergraduate degree in Physics and Astronomy , as well as an MSc in Medical Physics and a Postgraduate Diploma in Medical Physics

The University of Virginia offer a distance learning Master of Arts in Physics Education

University of Central Lancashire offers online and distance learning courses in Astronomy

North Carolina State University also offers physics courses for teachers per distance learning:

Also see:

Thursday, 31 July 2008

Mathematics - First Degree

The London School of Economics (LSE) offers, through the University of London Extrenal Programme, a BSc in Mathematics and Economics. This might be the best university listed here, but there are several more:

The Open University offers a degree in Mathematics.

Empire State University (part of the State University of New York system) offer bachelor degrees in "Science, Mathematics and Technology "

Chadron State College (public, non-profit) offers Mathematics as a major and minor as part of undergraduate (bachelor) degrees

Mercy College in New York offers a bachelor programme in Mathematics

Saint Mary of the Woods College (private/Catholic, non-profit, women only) offers Mathematics both as minor and major of an online degree

Thomas Edison State University (completely distance learning, non-profit public) offers a Bachelor of Arts in Math, in addition to an Associate in Science in Natural Sciences and Mathematics

University of Illinois, Springfield offers an undergraduate degree in Mathematics (B.A., as minor)

Sunday, 20 July 2008


Hypnotherapy is usually practiced by members pf the therapeutic professions, although it is sometimes used as a form of entertainment. It is usually studied after, or as part of, a postgraduate and a graduate education in psychology, substrance abuse therapy, psychiatry and similar professions.

Because it is a form of complementary medicine that requires much dedication, it is not common to find a reliable distance learning courses teaching how to preform hypnosis. In addition, before even considering one of the following courses (which are listed with reservations and we do not vouch for them), check with your country and local licensing authorities, if the course is even worth the paper it is written on.

It can even do more damage than you have bargained for. It might be a stain in your biography to have a course from a place defined as a "degree mill". Bircham International University, for example, is an unaccredited university with a variety of controversies attached to it, offers such a course.

Or take the Hong Kong Institute of Clinical Hypnosis - it is "accredited by Pebble Hills University", in itself a non accredited institution.

Even "alternative" institutions (that are accredited) do not offer full training in hypnotherapy, but just few courses:

Atlantic University (DETC accreditation)
The Institute of Transpersonal Psychology (Regionally Accredited)

Best Distance Learning MBA Programmes

We have already published rankings of correspondence MBA programmes, trying to find out which are the top MBA through distance education.

The Economist Intelligence Unit (EIU) has published, for the first time, its own ranking for distance learning programs in business in January 2008. Its top ten are:

(1) University of Florida, Warrington Business School Internet MBA
(2) IE University Business School, Global MBA Online (in English and in Spanish)
(3) Warwick Business School, distance learning MBA
(4) Curtin Business School, Master of Business Administration (MBA) (they also have a fully online Master of Accounting )
(5) Audencia Nantes Business School, Euro*MBA
(6) Henley Management College (University of Reading), The Distance Learning MBA and Diploma in Management and The International Stream
(7) Thunderbird - Global MBA On-Demand - Distance Learning (or Global MBA Latin America - Distance Learning)
(8) University of Manchester, Manchester Business School, Manchester Global MBA
(9) Open University Business School, MBA
(10) Bradford University School of Management, Distance learning MBA

Tables, methodology and full article, here.

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